Accessibility for the Disabled

The European Museum of Modern Glass can be considered as “barrier-free”

Parking space

There is a disabled parking space on the car park immediately next to the museum.


The museum is easy to access thanks to the outdoor ramp with a slope which conforms to the standards for wheelchairs.
A disabled toilet is available.

Physically disabled

The physically disabled may use walking aids as long as the ends are protected by rubber caps. Rollators are permitted. Folding stools may be borrowed for resting.


There are no steps or similar obstacles in the exhibition rooms. The doors and corridors are the required width.
The special exhibition on the first floor and the ceramics exhibition on the basement floor are accessible by lift.
A wheelchair and a wheeled walker are available when needed

Visual impairment

Guide dogs are allowed. You are recommended to book a tour for the visually impaired with a trained tourist guide. It is not permitted to touch the exhibits.

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