Lampwork Studio

The new European Museum of Modern Glass, which opened in October 2008, has a lampwork studio with five work stations and the very latest equipment. Situated on the museum gallery, the studio is an attractive and integral part of the contemporary glass exhibition. Here, lampwork artists not only find an excellently well-equipped work station in an inspiring environment; they also have an interested audience which is enthusiastic about the pieces being produced and keen to buy them. Pieces can also be sold in the museum shop.


The studio work stations are supplied with propane gas, oxygen and compressed air through a closed circuit from the technical room and have Arnold Zenit table burners. The primary work station has easy-fit connectors so that you can fix the hose to the burner effortlessly. Each work station is equipped with all the basic tools (graphite plates, tongs, hot fingers, reamers, tweezers, etc.). The basics for producing glass beads are also provided, in the shape of mandrels and vermiculite. Glassworking safety glasses are also supplied. The ventilation and air supply to the studio and the lighting of the work station satisfy the very latest standards. Rounding out the equipment is an annealing oven with a digital controller (Nabertherm).

Rent the studio

The charge includes rental of the premises and use of the equipment. The glass rods and gas are charged by use.

1 day: € 45.-
3 days: € 120.-
7 days: € 245.-

Studio hours: during museum opening hours.

Guided Tours

For Kindergartens, schools or private groups:

As part of your guided tour of the European Museum of Modern Glass, you can also hire the services of a glass artist who will initiate you into the mysteries of glass-shaping.

Please contact us for details.

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