From pedestal to wall – on the positioning of works of art in glass

23 April – 14 November 2021

In the early days of the studio glass movement, glass artists almost exclusively made objects that stood protected in glass display cabinets. In the 1980s, glass sculptures conquered the elevated pedestal. For a good ten years now, more and more artworks have emerged that require a wall to be displayed. This is no coincidence. Because this development runs parallel to the establishment of glass as a material in art. The special exhibition is dedicated to the phenomenon that works of art are created for a specific place.

On display are 30 objects from the 1970s to the present. The range of techniques and themes is broad: visitors can see early decorative glass works and objects that explore optical phenomena and work with light and reflections. Alongside works that tell stories and convey messages, there are also landscapes and abstract murals. Classical stained glass, which is often architecture-related, is excluded.

Works of art from the museum’s own collection as well as selected loans from artists will be presented, including works by Carl Bens, Nicole Chesney, Hartmann Greb, Jens Gussek, Palo Macho, Heinz Mack, Uta Majmudar, Gerhard Ribka, Renato Santarossa, Verona Schatz, Keiyona C. Stumpf, Veronika Suter, Harry Zengeler and Jeff Zimmer